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Mining for Answers to Cure Cancer

Exposing new viral sources of cancer
Now is the time to find the link between viruses and cancers. We’ve struck an unprecedented Mother Lode between computer technology and medical science. Breakthrough viral cancer research is highly possible. That dreaded “you have cancer” death sentence can become history. Together, we can mine for answers to cure cancer.
Improving the human condition

We aim to help doctors create individualized cancer treatments that chisel away at tumors and cure patients. We want to prevent that cancer from resurfacing and enhance cancer prevention. Because we believe there’s a strong correlation between viruses and cancer initiation, that’s where our dig begins. In the end though, we aim to help the industry find cures to any cancer not currently treatable. “Now is the time, uniquely, to find the correlation between cancer and virus. Now it’s possible, and the result could be dramatic. We’re pursuing all paths to create breakthroughs to viral cancer research,” Mike Clayville, Founder, Clayville Foundation

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